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Alchemy, historically rooted in the quest to transform base metals into noble ones, especially gold, has always been a fascinating blend of science, mysticism, and art. Today, the principles of alchemy can be reimagined and applied beyond the physical transformation of materials to the enhancement of well-being, personal growth, and manifestation of desires. In this modern context, alchemy symbolizes a transformative process that leverages ancient wisdom, combining it with contemporary understanding to promote balance, health, and fulfillment.

Our devices are at the forefront of this innovative approach, designed to tap into the alchemical tradition to benefit the user in profound ways. By harnessing the symbolic and energetic principles of alchemy, these devices aim to improve the overall well-being of users, aid in the manifestation of personal goals, and provide a myriad of other benefits. Through a blend of design, intention, and perhaps a touch of the mystical, we are dedicated to offering a unique experience that enriches the body, mind, and spirit, drawing on the ancient legacy of alchemy to meet the needs of the modern individual.

Alchemic cauldron

Introducing the Alchemic Cauldron, a pioneering device that encapsulates the essence of ancient alchemy, tailored for the modern individual's quest for harmony and fulfillment. Crafted with meticulous attention to the alchemical tradition, this device offers four distinct programs, each corresponding to one of the classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements, foundational to alchemical thought, are believed to represent different aspects of our physical and spiritual existence, offering unique pathways to well-being.

  • Earth Program: Grounding and Stability

The Earth program is designed to enhance feelings of grounding and stability in your life. It taps into the Earth element's inherent qualities of solidity, resilience, and nourishment. By activating this program, users may experience a strengthened sense of security, improved focus, and a deeper connection to the physical world around them. It's particularly beneficial for those seeking to cultivate a sense of inner peace and steadfastness in the face of life's challenges.

  • Air Program: Clarity and Intellect

Embodying the lightness and clarity of the Air element, this program is aimed at invigorating the mind, enhancing cognitive functions, and fostering communication skills. It's ideal for those moments when you seek mental clarity, innovative ideas, and a heightened ability to express thoughts and feelings. The Air program assists in clearing mental clutter, promoting a flow of positive thoughts, and facilitating a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

  • Fire Program: Energy and Transformation

The Fire program ignites the dynamic energy of transformation, passion, and motivation inherent in the Fire element. It's designed to stimulate your inner drive, boost vitality, and encourage positive change. Users might find themselves more inclined to take action towards their goals, overcome obstacles with courage, and embrace life's transformative moments with enthusiasm and resilience.


  • Water Program: Emotional Balance and Intuition

Drawing on the fluid and adaptive qualities of the Water element, this program aims to harmonize emotions, enhance intuition, and foster deep, meaningful connections. It encourages emotional healing, making it easier to navigate complex feelings and relationships. The Water program is ideal for those looking to deepen their emotional intelligence, enhance creative abilities, and cultivate a sense of empathy and understanding towards themselves and others.

Each program can be identified according to the color of the light emitted by the machine.

Fire element

Fire element

Earth element

Earth element

Water element

Water element

Air element

Air element

You can also refer to this video in order to identify specific programs. Programs can be toggled between by pressing the button at the back of the machine. Power to the Cauldron is provided by USB port. If you wish to be mobile, we recommend using a powerbank.

Alchemic Cosmic Communicator

The Alchemic Communicator represents the latest iteration of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators. Merging ancient wisdom with cutting-edge innovations and forgotten technologies to foster profound transformation and connectivity. This device elevates the concept of energy conversion and healing to new heights, incorporating features that extend beyond the capabilities of the Alchemic Cauldrons. 

At the core of the Alchemic Communicator are four sophisticated programs. These programs leverage the device's advanced technology to harness and direct energies in precise, intentional ways, offering users the capability to harness the energy of 4 basic elements, healing crystals, and Scalar Wave technology.

Enhanced Scalar Wave Technology: The Alchemic Communicator integrates Scalar Wave technology, similar to that found in other iterations of Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, but with enhanced power and efficiency. Scalar waves operate in a multidimensional space, enabling deep, non-linear connections and interactions. This technology is designed to get in sync with the user's intentions and energies, promoting balance, healing, and a profound sense of connectivity with the cosmos.

UV LED Energy Activation for Crystals: A unique feature of the Alchemic Communicator is the inclusion of UV LED lights, specifically engineered to activate and charge healing crystals. Ultraviolet light is known to open the crystal lattice structure, allowing for a more efficient energy exchange and significantly enhancing the crystals' natural healing properties. This process not only amplifies the energy of the crystals but also aligns them more closely with the user's intentions and the device's programs. This makes Alchemic Communicatiors the best tools for manifestation.

Dual Rodin Coil Configuration: The device includes two Rodin coils, which are known for their unique electromagnetic properties.The inclusion of Rodin coils in the Alchemic Communicator is was done to create a powerful energetic field that can enhance the manifestation processes, energy healing, and the overall efficacy of the device's programs.

Healing Crystal Slots: The Alchemic Communicator is equipped with two slots specifically designed to hold healing crystals. These slots, combined with the Scalar Wave emitter coils placed beneath each, ensure that the crystals are continuously bathed in Scalar Energy, enhancing their natural healing frequencies and aligning them with the device's programs.

The Alchemic Communicator is not just an advancement in alchemical and energetic technologies; it's a bridge to a more interconnected and harmonious state of being. By blending the ancient principles of alchemy with modern scientific discoveries, this device offers a unique pathway to personal transformation, healing, and a deeper connection with the universal energies that surround us.

Earth element


Air element


Fire element


Water element

Alchemic Communicator in action

This short video presentation showcases the operation and unique features of the Alchemic Communicator. The top button is used to toggle between the programs and the lower button switches on the UV lights under the healing crystals. 2 potentiometers at the front of the machine are used to set the output power of the 2 Rodin Coil modules and Scalar Wave emitters which are hidden beneath the healing crystals. 2 LED light bars in the middle of the machine indicate the output power.

The Alchemic Communicator can be used in a similar way to the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator Healing Crystal edition to perform healing crystal therapies. The main difference between the machines is the onboard programs and greater output power of the Alchemic Communicator. This means the Alchemic machine can be used for performing manifestation in the same manner as described in the instructions for manifestation. The principle of creating the energy flow between the two sides of the communicator is a reliable way to transmit information into the aether. 

There are also 2 channels for connecting external coil modules to the machine. All of our coil modules that have 4mm banana connectors are compatible with the Alchemic Communicator. These coils can be used to imprint larger items with the energy of the 4 elements and for energetic cleaning. Objects can be imprinted by placing them on the coil while the machine is powered on. We recommend setting the power to the maximum when imprinting is performed. 

Incorporating External Signals with Your Alchemic Communicator

The Alchemic Communicator is equipped with a versatile 3.5mm auxiliary (AUX) input, allowing you to enhance your experience by combining external audio signals with the onboard programs. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate external sounds into your Alchemic Communicator sessions:

Step 1: Locate the AUX Input

  • Find the 3.5mm AUX input port on your Alchemic Communicator. It is located on the front of the device for easy access. There are 2 aux inputs, either of them can be used as input, the other will automatically serve as an output which allows several devices to be daisy-chained together with the same shared signal.

Step 2: Prepare Your External Audio Source

  • Choose an external audio source that you wish to combine with the communicator's programs. This can be a music player, smartphone, or any device capable of outputting audio through a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Step 3: Connect the Audio Source

  • Using a standard 3.5mm audio cable, connect one end to the port on the source of the signal.

  • Plug the other end of the cable into the aux input port of your Alchemic Communicator.

Step 4: Play the External Audio

  • Start playback on your external audio device. Adjust the volume to maximum on the source of the signal. Power emission can be adjusted on the communicator by turning the 2 knobs.

Step 5: Activate an Onboard Program

  • While the external audio is playing, use the top button on your Alchemic Communicator to select one of the onboard programs. The external audio will now be combined with the selected program, enhancing your experience.

Tips for Optimal Experience:

  • Experiment with different types of audio, such as calming music, nature sounds, or binaural beats, to find what best complements each onboard program for you.

  • Aethergenerator is a web-based app that we have developed to generate signals for Scalar Wave devices, you can use it with these machines.

  • For a more immersive experience, consider using the UV LED feature to energize your crystals while playing external audio.


By following these simple steps, you can expand the capabilities of your Alchemic Communicator and personalize your experience with the addition of external audio signals. Enjoy the enriched journey toward well-being and connectivity.

Technical specifications

Power: standard 5V USB type C connector

signal input: 3.5mm aux connector

healing crystals used: clear quartz

number of programs: 4 (fire, earth, water, air)

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