Equip yourself with items that will improve your daily life, boost your immune system, provide you with extra energy and protect you against EMF. Each category contains carefully designed items that were proven to work by us and a myriad of satisfied customers.

In our store, you can find finished products such as Lakhovsky MWO harmonization discs, orgone energy discs and pyramids, ready to run scalar wave devices, sacred geometry items, healing crystals and much more.

Lakhovsky antenna
Lakhovsky MWO harmonising discs for harmonizing the body, boosting immunity system, energizing water, EMF protection and more.
Orgone energy
Orgone energy items like generators, orgone pyramids, orgone jewelry and similar.
Scalar Wave Devices
Devices that either produce or use scalar waves. This includes manifestation machines, EMF protection devices and harmonizing discs.
Healing stones
Healing stones and crystals. Tumbled stones for crystal grids and gem elixir making kits.
Sacred geometry items
Sacred geometry items
Accessories for Scalar Wave Devices
Scalar wave devices, homeopathic pellets imprinting
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