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Negative energy / EMF protection pendants

Most of the modern technology that we are surrounded with emits some sort of EMF that is harmful to all living beings. Due to high demand from all over the world, we have developed pendants that protect against EMF and other kinds of negative energies. These pendants are unique in how they work since they harvest energy for their operation from the environment using antennae and tiny solar cells.

How do the pendants work?

Both of the pendants that you see in the above pictures are similar in their basic functionality. They utilize the power of Scalar Waves to neutralize the negative effects of EMF and other negative energies. Both of them feature two tiny solar cells from which they draw power from the environment for their operations. This means the greatest level of protection is offered in direct sunlight. Rest assured though that the pendants will work in the dark too since they have coils and antennae to receive background cosmic energy as well.

The pendant on the right side is a more advanced version since it has an additional coil, torus field disc, and Lakhovsky MWO antenna. This combination also makes it effective in protecting against 5G waves. This pendant also generates a harmonizing field from its Lakhovsky MWO antenna. You can read more about the positive effects of MWO here.


Together with the pendant, you will receive a 1m long leather cord which you can adjust to your desired length. For maximum efficiency, the pendant should not be covered or worn below clothing. Remember that it 'feeds' on sunlight, therefore more light it gets, greater the protection.

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