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Modular coil Scalar Wave systems

Various coil designs like the bifilar Tesla Coil, and triangular and octagonal coils are essential parts for wireless energy transfer and generating scalar waves. We have developed a modular system that is easy to set up and can be connected to external frequency sources like computers, MP3 players, or frequency generators. The goal of this project is to enable users with limited or no experience in electronics, to build functional scalar or wireless energy transfer devices.

Download instructions document

In order to make ease the use of Scalar Wave Devices and enable more creativity with the radionics systems, we made a pdf document with instructions and general information about the technology. You are encouraged to download the pdf file by clicking the icon on the right.

Single scalar wave coil radionics system

The setup in most basic terms requires just 2 devices and 2 cable sets. The integral part is the amplifier module which amplifies the signals from the frequency source. The amplified signals are then fed to the coil modules via the 4mm banana plug cables. The amplifier module received signals via the 3.5mm audio cable. You can use any device that is capable of outputting signals.  We suggest using a regular PC or laptop. To generate different frequencies at various waveforms you can use various programs. A good application that we like to use it this browser-based frequency generator. It works reliably on many browsers and requires no download.

The amplifier should be connected to the computer just like a regular speaker would be. If the amplifier is successfully receiving the signals and the coil is connected, the indicator LEDs will start blinking.

coil connections.png

In the example above, a bifilar Tesla coil module is used. Instead of this module, other scalar wave coil modules could be used. Here is a list of the compatible coils.

Amplifier used: amplifier module for scalar wave coils

Double scalar wave coil radionics system

Unlike the single-coil systems, the double scalar wave coil modules require the dual-channel amplifier module in order to work at the highest efficiency. These coils are especially suitable for radionics and wishing machines. Each of the scalar wave coils can be fed with the individual frequency source. The simplest way to implement this is by using an audio output of a computer or cell phone that is either running a frequency generator application or playing a pre-recorded audio file.

The system can be easily set up using any of the double scalar wave coils, a dual-channel amplifier module, a 4mm banana plug connector cable, and a 3.5mm audio connector cable. The example schematic is using a round double scalar wave coil module but we could easily have used any other double scalar wave coil instead. Besides that, we could also use 2 single coil modules with the same amplifier module. 

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