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What is MWO?

MWO stands for Multi Wave Oscillator which was designed by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 30s of the 20th century. Mr. Lakhovsky discovered that every living cell has its own resonant frequency at which it oscillates. When the cell is damaged it loses its strength and oscillations get weaker or distorted. In order to restore the cells to a healthy state, Mr. Lakhovsky with the help of Nikola Tesla developed the MWO.

To understand how the MWO healing works, we first have to know how diseases form. Diseases start when energy levels in our body drop due to various disruptions or blockades.

MWO antennae increase life energy (also known as chi and bioenergy) flow into our body. MWO antennae emit vibrations at a broad range. Thus, all frequencies of the cells in the human body are covered. Since all living beings are similar on the cellular level, the MWO also has positive effects on animals and plants.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. - Nikola Tesla

How to use MWO

There are two ways how the MWO antennae can be used. The first method involves high voltage power supply being connected to the MWO antenna. This is called “active mode”. Active mode is meant for shorter therapies that last no longer than a couple of minutes per day. Such therapies are very efficient, but they involve high voltages. Thus, it is not recommended attempting it yourself. We are however developing a safe way to use the antennae in active mode without the risk of high power Tesla coils. Stay tuned for the updates on the project, there are exciting things happening.

The second option available to use the MWO is “passive mode”. In this case, the antenna gathers energy from the environment and uses it to oscillate at a broad range of frequencies. Such therapies are very safe and have no known recorded side effects. The only downside is that for the therapy to be effective we need long term exposure to the MWO antenna.

We decided to develop a wide variety of MWO antennae discs that anyone can have at home, carry in a bag or put under the pillow. All you have to do is to be around the MWO antenna for as long as possible. Let it be your personal companion!

MWO discs are very effective in passive mode when placed directly on chakra points. We suggest putting MWO discs on chakra points during meditation. Doing so will lead to increased effectiveness of meditation and improve your overall well-being. When placed on chakra points MWO will be powered by the energy of our body and thus enable us to become our own healers.

MWO discs with their harmonizing effect provide various health benefits at almost no risk of side effects. They can be used as EMF protection devices, harmonizing discs, meditation tools and much more.

Following are some of the health problems MWO technology will help overcome.

  • insomnia

  • nausea

  • chronic pain

  • migraines

  • chronic fatigue

  • depression

  • sciatica


MWO every day use

MWO antennae can be used in everyday life by being carried around in the pocket or bag during the day. The antennae will receive background energy from the environment and use it to create harmonizing waves. As a bonus MWO discs also offer EMF protection.


MWO discs can be used as a standalone version, in this case, we recommend diameters between 45mm and 100mm (1.77" to 3.94"). These discs are small and have the advantage of greater portability. Alternatively, MWO enhanced orgone discs can be used for every day carry use. MWO discs integrated into orgone energy discs receive most of the energy from the orgone energy-producing material. Orgone energy is channeled into the MWO through various healing crystals. You can learn more about each MWO orgone disc on the part of our website that is dedicated especially to orgone energy and related items. It is just a click away!

MWO chakra healing

One of the most effective ways to use the MWO discs is for chakra healing. Here is a quick guide on chakras and chakra energy blockages or imbalances. For each chakra, we have described symptoms that energy blockades will cause. If you are experiencing any of those put MWO disc on the corresponding chakra for a certain amount of time. More details on MWO therapies are available here. 

For advanced chakra balancing, we recommend using MWO enhanced orgone energy discs with corresponding chakra healing stones. These orgone devices are specifically made to be most effective for a specific chakra. Please check the chakra healing stones for each chakra.

1st - Root chakra [muladhara]


The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine and it is associated with our connection to earth, survival, health, abundance, family, passion, and moving forward in life. Blockades of root chakra might lead to depression, feelings of loneliness and indecisiveness. It may also worsen or even cause various phobias.

Root chakra blockade symptoms

  • depression

  • frequent phobias

  • obsessions

  • indecisiveness

  • anxiety

  • obsessions

  • lower-back pain

  • sciatica

  • constipation

  • diarrhea

Root chakra healing stones

  • carnelian

  • garnet

  • tourmalines

Root chakra frequencies

  • 256 Hz

  • 396 Hz

2nd - Sacral chakra [svadhisthana]


The sacral chakra is also located at the base of the spine. It has been commonly associated with our creativity, confidence and also sexual health. Blockades of sacral chakra can cause various problems like low self-confidence, lack of libido, eating disorders, urinary problems, chronic back pain, problems with spleen and gallbladder.

Sacral chakra blockade symptoms

Sacral chakra healing stones

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of libido

  • eating disorders

  • urinary problems

  • chronic back pain

  • spleen and gallbladder problems

  • frequent kidney infections

  • unbalanced emotions

  • tendency for addictions

  • sexual disorders

  • carnelian

  • citrine

  • tiger`s eye

Sacral chakra frequencies

  • 288 Hz

  • 417 Hz

3rd - Solar plexus [manipura]


Solar plexus chakra or "manipura" in Sanskrit, is located at the diaphragm. It is the source of our intuition, emotional strength, and our deepest desires. Energy problems in the Solar plexus chakra are frequently the cause of lack of concentration, insomnia, and even some physical conditions like allergies and eating disorders.

Solar plexus chakra healing stones

Solar plexus chakra blockade symptoms

  • citrine

  • peridot

  • tiger`s eye

  • labradorite

  • lack of concentration

  • insomnia

  • memory problems

  • unreasonable fear

  • eating disorders (they might lead to obesity)

  • acne

  • indigestion

  • diabetes

Solar plexus chakra frequencies

  • 320 Hz

  • 528 Hz

4th - Heart [anahata]


Heart chakra is also known as "anahata" in Sanskrit, is located at the heart, as the name suggest. It is the center of all chakras and thus a vital energy center in our body. A well-balanced heart chakra is essential for keeping good relations with other people, emotional stability, compassion, and love. When blocked or unbalanced we might get into arguments with people we love and lose empathy towards others.

Heart chakra blockade symptoms

Heart chakra healing stones

  • lack of trust

  • apathy

  • emotional detachment

  • lack of love and faith

  • asthma

  • pneumonia

  • chronic upper back pain

  • shoulder pain

  • green aventurine

  • rose quartz

  • amazonite

Heart chakra frequencies

  • 352 Hz

  • 639 Hz

5th - Throat [vishuddha]


The throat chakra or "vishuddha" in Sanskrit is located at the base of the throat. It is connected to our expressions, responsibility and leadership skills. Unbalanced throat chakra might express itself in lack of confidence, frequent nervousness and anxiety, feeling of isolation and physical symptoms like frequent sinus infections, core throat, and jaw and teeth problems.

Throat chakra healing stones

Throat chakra blockade symptoms

  • nervousness

  • lack of confidence

  • anxiety

  • feeling of isolation

  • lack of attention

  • frequent sinus infections

  • sore throat

  • voice loss

  • teeth and jaw problems

  • aquamarine

  • lapis lazuli

  • sodalite

  • angelite

  • blue lace agate

Throat chakra frequencies

  • 384 Hz

  • 741 Hz

6th - Third eye chakra [ajna]


The third eye or brow chakra is located above the eyes between the brows. The third-eye chakra is associated with the mind, new ideas, creative thoughts, dreams, intuition (gut feeling), and also with psychic abilities. When third eye chakra becomes unbalanced or blocked we may feel bombarded with different thoughts which then leads to a lack of concentration and insomnia. It may also result in hearing problems or problems with hair or scalp.

Third eye chakra blockade symptoms

Third eye chakra healing stones

  • headaches

  • lack of concentration

  • neurological disorders

  • loss of intuition

  • poor decision-making

  • ear problems (infections, humming)

  • migraines

  • amethyst

  • labradorite

  • lapis lazuli

Third eye chakra frequencies

  • 432 Hz

  • 852 Hz

7th - Crown chakra [sahasrara]


The Crown chakra, located at the crown of the head is responsible for our connections with God. Without a well-balanced crown chakra, we can not experience spirituality, and divine wisdom in full potential. Unbalanced crown chakra will cause us to lose our way and feel unconnected with the world. We will question our existence and feel like our life has lost purpose.

Crown chakra healing stones

Crown chakra blockade symptoms

  • feeling lost

  • depression

  • loss of faith

  • confusion

  • sensitivity to light

  • headaches

  • neurological disorders

  • other mental health issues

  • amethyst

  • clear quartz

  • tourmaline

  • moonstone

Crown chakra frequencies

  • 480 Hz

  • 963 Hz

Frequency generator

Our MWO harmonizers, and other Scalar Wave devices can receive frequencies from external sources via a standard 3.5mm audio cord. For generating these frequencies we recommend using the following frequency generator app:

This app is browser-based which means it requires no installation and can be used both on computers and phones.

Imprinting time for orgone discs is 15 minutes. When imprinting orgone discs with crystals or healing crystals alone, please use only one frequency at a time. Combining several frequencies will not achieve desirable results since stones can only be effectively imprinted with a single frequency at a time.

MWO wide area protection and harmonization

The most powerful MWO discs with diameters of 200mm, 300mm, and 500mm are meant to be used as wide area EMF protection devices and to provide a harmonization effect to an entire room or office space. The effectiveness of these antennae will depend on the size of the room and the EMF pollution in the area. Generally, one 500mm MWO antenna will be enough for a room or office around 20m² large.

The best way to use these larger MWO discs is to mount them on a wall or ceiling. The MWO should be placed where you spend much time. For example, we normally spend around 8h sleeping so placing an MWO in the bedroom is a great choice


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