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Manifestation with Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator

Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators can be used effectively to perform manifestation. The manifestation itself requires 2 'components'. The first one is the machine, and the second one is consciousness. SWCC acts as an energy conduit that is essentially a catalyst for manifestation. For successful manifestation, your utmost concentration is required. The more you are able to concentrate on the desired outcome, the greater the effect will be. The effect of consciousness on reality has been scientifically proven by the famous double-slit experiment in the early 20th century. It has to be said that manifestation is a skill that has to be obtained with trial and error. Simply setting up the machine and letting it run on itself will not achieve results.

The first step of any successful manifestation is setting up the environment. It is essential that the manifestation session is made in a place where you feel comfortable. All distractions such as electronic devices, machines, etc. should be removed from the place where manifestation is done. You can also use incense, calming music, or anything else that relaxes you. Usually, manifestations are made in a meditation room, but if you do not have one, you can make do by simply removing all distractions from the room temporarily. Alternatively, manifestation can also be performed in nature. This can be especially effective on energetic spots such as Ley Lines.

Setting up the SWCC

Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator requires minimum setup for manifestation. In essence, it is almost identical to copying information with the only difference being that there is no 'receiver' item placed on the SWCC.

For manifestation, we have to establish energy flow from the source to the aether. The source can be a text, picture, or item related to the wish. Energy flow is established by using the two knobs for setting power. Blue and red LEDs under the slots of the SWCC will indicate the energy differential between the 2 slots. Blue light indicates a higher energy level and a red light indicates a lower energy level. The higher the intensity of the light, the greater the energy difference and therefore the greater the energy flow. Energy always flows from the area of greater potential to areas of lower potential. This means the energy will flow from the slot with blue light under it to the one with red light. The slot with the red light will transmit the energy outwards. The source object should always be placed in the slot with the blue lights. Because energy flow can be manually set, either of the slots can be used as the source.

Selecting frequency

Certain manifestations can relate to specific chakras. In such circumstances, you can feed the SWCC an external frequency source that corresponds to the specific chakra. These frequencies can be found on our instructions page for MWO harmonizers.

Of course, some wishes can not relate directly to any chakra, in that case, we recommend using the internal Schumann resonators on the SWCC to generate the Schumann frequencies. Schumann frequencies are Earth's natural oscillations. When the resonators are engaged, the SWCC will get in sync with the Earth's energy field. The energy field generated by SWCC will get amplified due to 'constructive interference with the Earth's oscillations. 

The Schumann resonator is turned on by pressing the button in the middle of the SWCC.

Manifestation session

When the environment is prepared, power levels on the SWCC set, and the objects placed on the SWCC, the manifestation can be started. This is the step that will require your complete concentration on the wish. There is no prescribed duration the manifestation should be performed for. Usually, a session lasts 15 to 30 minutes. It is essential that you do not do it for longer than the time you are able to keep concentrated on the wish. It is recommended that the manifestation is done during meditation.

From the technical standpoint, all you have to do is press the 'imprint' button on the SWCC and the machine will start the energy flow. After you are finished, the imprint button should be pressed again to stop the energy flow, and then the power should be disconnected from the SWCC.

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