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Miniature Scalar Wave Devices

As the name suggests, miniature Scalar Wave Devices are a miniaturized version of their bigger brothers. However, let the size not fool you! These machines have the same power as the larger versions. Besides smaller size, the other main advantage of making Scalar Wave Devices smaller is that they are capable of generating extremely concentrated energy fields. Energy concentrations that the smaller coil can generate can never be rivaled by bigger machines. But this comes at a cost of the range of the field generated. Therefore these machines are not designed to provide energy to the entire room or larger geodes of healing crystals.

Miniature Scalar Wave devices are an ideal choice for energizing smaller healing crystal pieces, orgone jewelry, smaller orgone pyramids, cell phone stickers, homeopathic pellets, small quantities of water, and similar. They are so small and compact that you can also easily take them with you while traveling!

Scalar Wave Torus Field emitter
Scalar Wave Bifilar Tesla Coil module
mini rodin coil01.jpg
mini MWO01.jpg

Each of the Miniature Scalar Wave Devices has an outline of 40x40mm [1.57x1.57"] and is powered using an included micro USB cable. Due to the high power draw and small size, we have decided not to use batteries as a power source. Just like with the bigger brothers, these units also receive input signals via a 3.5mm audio cord that can be connected to any frequency source such as a PC, phone, MP3 player, or similar. You can also daisy-chain connect them between each other or with other Scalar Wave Devices such as Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, MWO harmonizers, bifilar Tesla Coils, and similar.

The energy field generated when these devices are operational is strong enough that you can actually hear a humming sound coming from the antenna at the top. This humming sound is not the Scalar Waves directly, but just a side effect of the antenna vibrating due to it being expanded and contracret by tiny ammounts. This is a completely normal phenomenon. It has also been observed that the antennae can heat up after some time. Therefore we recommend using Miniature Scalar Wave generators no longer than 15 minutes at a time with a cooldown period of at least 5 minutes. This applies to all units regardless of the type of coils and antennae used.

Advanced antennae / coil design

In order to squeeze in as much power and efficiency as possible, we had to design our most sophisticated antennae to date! These antennae feature a bifilar Tesla coil in the internal layers of the antenna board. It may be hard to see that from a picture, thus we made technical sketches for you to easily see what is going on inside of the antenna board. Sandwiching the bifilar coil inside of the antenna decreases distance between the antennae (vortex, MWO, or torus) on the top. Lower distance means greater efficiency and less leakage of energy around the coil. This is the main reason we have been able to generate such concentrated high-energy fields. Using this technique, Scalar Energy fields generated by these miniature generators is even stronger than the one generated by original Lakhovsky MWO machines with high voltage transformers. Unlike those devices, these units are completely safe to use since they only utilize low voltage power supply via 5V USB port.

Miniature MWO harmonizer antenna design

bifilar Tesla Coil
tesseract sacred geometry
Lakhovsky MWO oscillator antenna
mini MWO01.jpg

The sketches represent the individual layers of the antenna board on top of the miniature Lakhovsky MWO harmonizer. A bifilar Tesla coil on the bottom side of the antenna (dark blue) emits a Scalar Wave field that is concentrated by a middle layer tesseract aetheric pump (light blue color). A concentrated energy field is then fed toward the MWO antenna which oscillates at a broad frequency range. Strongest field is located at the center of the MWO antenna.

Miniature torus Scalar Wave Generator antenna design

bifilar Tesla Coil
tesseract sacred geometry

The sketches represent the individual layers of the antenna board on top of the miniature torus field Scalar Wave Generator. Similar to the miniature Lakhovsky MWO harmonizer, the torus Scalar Wave field generator also has a bifilar Tesla coil on the bottom layer, and a tesseract in the middle. In the top layer, there is a torus field antenna that generates a Scalar Wave field in the shape of a torus. The strongest point of the field is in the middle of the torus disc (marked with yellow circle on the image below).

torus field strength.jpg

Double layer miniature Bifilar Tesla Coil


Another miniaturized Scalar Wave Generator is a miniature bifilar double-layer Tesla Coil. These coils are sandwiched inside the board whole top and bottom sides are covered with a composite material. This means the distance between the 2 coils is only around 0.4mm and is protected from mechanical damage on both sides. Each of the coils is connected to its own amplifier to increase the power output. Since there are no additional geometries such as tesseract or Scalar Wave antenna present in these coils, the field generated assumes the shape of a bubble. This is a non-modified field and can therefore be used as a wireless energy source. You can manually modify the field with smaller Scalar Wave discs.

Triangular and crystal grid miniature Scalar Wave Generators

scalar coil composite.jpg
mini triangular01.jpg
mini flower 201.jpg

The triangular and Crystal Grid Scalar Wave generators are designed to be used for energizing healing crystals. The field generated by these devices is most suitable for imprinting and cleansing helping crystal with a clear crystal structure. Such crystals are all types of quartz, pyrite, celestine, and similar. Crystal used with these devices should not be polished. If you wish to charge or imprint polished stones, we recommend using either a miniature MWO harmonizer, torus Scalar Wave Generator, or miniature bifilar Tesla Coil.

Technical specifications

Miniature Scalar Energy Generators use a 5V USB power supply as their energy source. There are 2 separate amplifiers implemented into the electronic board. Each of those amplifiers also has its own LED power indicator with 10 LEDs each. An indicator will show the intensity of the generated energy field. If you have the device connected to a computer using a 3.5mm audio cord, you can set power by adjusting the speaker volume on your PC.

  • power supply: 5V USB port with the minimum constant current supply of 500mA

  • power cable: micro USB

  • signal cable: 3.5mm audio cord

  • maximum air temperature: 50°C
  • minimum air temperature: 0°C
  • maximum air humidity: 85%

Even though there are no batteries inside these little machines, you can still be mobile by using a power bank to power them on the go. 

Micro USB connectors used for proving power to these machines are fragile components. Please be gentle when inserting the micro USB cable into the connector. Using excessive force will damage the connectors.


Check a few videos of miniature Scalar Wave Generators!

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