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A gold plated crystal grid with 24 Lakhovsky MWO antennae and a tesseract aetheric pump.

Lakhovsky MWO radionics crystal grid

SKU: 478
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  • A 24 pointed tesseract aetheric pump with 24 Lakhovsky MWO antennae. This board can serve as a crystal grid for harmonizing room-sized areas using the Lakhovsky MWO technology. You can place various healing crystals at each of the Lakhovsky MWO antennae and a larger crystal or orgonite on the tesseract.


    These boards can also be used in radionics machines and for manifestation.



    • outer dimensions: 241x241mm (~9.5" x 9.5")
    • thickness: 1.6mm



    • mask: black
    • metal plating: 24k gold
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