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Fractal antennae

Fractal antennas represent a fascinating intersection of geometry and electromagnetic theory, harnessing the unique properties of fractals to enhance communication and energy harvesting technologies. A fractal, in its simplest definition, is a complex geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced-scale copy of the whole, known as self-similarity. This property extends into fractal antennas, which employ these self-similar designs to create compact, multi-band, and efficient antennas.

The primary benefit of fractal antennas over traditional designs lies in their ability to operate across multiple frequency bands with a single antenna structure. This multi-band capability is a result of the fractal shape, which allows the antenna to resonate at different frequencies that are related to the scaling of the fractal geometry. This characteristic makes fractal antennas particularly valuable in applications where space is limited and functionality across various frequencies is required, 

Moreover, fractal antennas can be designed to have a smaller physical footprint compared to conventional antennas with similar performance characteristics. This compactness, combined with their multi-band functionality, provides a significant advantage in densely packed electronic devices or systems where space is at a premium.

In the context of metaphysical and energy-harnessing applications, fractal antennas offer an intriguing potential. The unique geometry of fractal antennas could be leveraged not only for their electromagnetic properties but also as a means to tap into the subtle energy patterns and flows that permeate our environment. 


Harnessing power of healing crystals and other energetic items

Positioning a crystal or a similar object on a fractal antenna module creates a system where the antenna interacts with the natural resonant frequencies of the object. This concept draws upon the principle that all matter, at an atomic level, exhibits vibrational energy due to the motion of atoms and electrons. In the context of crystals, which have a well-defined lattice structure.

The fractal antenna, designed to resonate at multiple frequencies due to its geometric configuration, interacts with these natural frequencies emanating from the crystal, enhancing the crystal's inherent resonant properties. This process mirrors the way fractal antennas optimize signal reception and transmission in telecommunications, here applied to the frequency spectrum of natural materials.


Connecting fractal antennae to Scalar Wave devices

To connect your Aplicum Fractal Antenna to a Scalar Wave Machine like the MWO Harmonizer, please follow these step-by-step instructions. This connection utilizes a standard 3.5mm audio cable, which is compatible with all Aplicum scalar wave devices.


  1. Gather Your Equipment:

    • Fractal Antenna module

    • Scalar Wave Machine (e.g., MWO Harmonizer)

    • Standard 3.5mm audio cable

  2. Ensure Safety:

    • Make sure all devices are turned off before making any connections.

    • Check the 3.5mm audio cable for any visible damage. Do not use a damaged cable.

Connection Steps:

  1. Connect the first end of the Audio Cable:

    • Insert one end of the 3.5mm audio cable securely into the audio output jack of the Fractal Antenna

  2. Connect the second end of the Audio Cable:

    • Plug the other end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the audio input jack of the Scalar Wave Machine.

Finalizing the Setup:

  1. Check Connections:

    • Ensure that both connections are secure and there is no looseness at either end of the cable.

  2. Power On the Devices:

    • Turn on your Scalar Wave Machine (e.g., MWO Harmonizer).

Tips for Optimal Use:

  • Placement: position both the Fractal Antenna and the Scalar Wave Machine in locations that align with your intended use, ensuring they are on stable surfaces to prevent any disruptions.

  • Maintenance: regularly inspect the cable and connections for wear or damage to maintain optimal performance.

  • Environment: make sure the relative air humidity does not exceed 80%.

By following these instructions, your Aplicum Fractal Antenna will be successfully connected to your Scalar Wave Machine, allowing you to harness and transmit the amplified frequencies for your desired applications.


In conclusion, users have the flexibility to utilize Aplicum Fractal Antenna modules in conjunction with a variety of scalar wave devices, including MWO Harmonizers and Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, among others. The primary function of these fractal antenna modules is to harness the natural energies from items placed upon them, rather than emitting energy themselves. For applications requiring the emission of energy, Aplicum offers alternative solutions, such as bifilar Tesla coil modules, designed specifically for that purpose. This distinction ensures users can select the most appropriate module for their specific needs, whether it's harnessing or emitting energy.

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