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Gold-plated Lakhovsky MWO and vortex antenna disc with a 9mm hole in the middle. These boards are designed to be mounted on a fan.

200mm fan mount Lakhovsky MWO and vortex antennae board

SKU: 237_200mm
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  • Introducing a revolutionary 200mm Scalar Wave Vortex Antennae Disc, thoughtfully engineered to maximize resonance and enhance energy flow. Our disc is unique, boasting eight Scalar Wave Vortex antennae arranged in a perfectly balanced octagonal pattern. It comes equipped with a centrally-mounted Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO), a profound piece of technology designed to generate bio-compatible energy frequencies.

    The board, meticulously fabricated with precision and durability in mind, offers an impressive feature — a 9mm hole in the center. This smart design allows for easy mounting on a fan, effectively enabling the distribution of Scalar Waves and MWO energies around your space.

    The Scalar Wave Vortex antennae, renowned for their abilities in transmitting and receiving scalar energy, are designed to interact with the natural energies and frequencies of the universe. Coupled with the Lakhovsky MWO, a powerful tool reputed for its holistic health benefits, our disc is positioned to provide not only an amplified energy field but also a balanced environment for holistic well-being.


    Whether you're a seasoned practitioner in bioenergetics or simply an enthusiast in energetic environmental enhancement, this 200mm Scalar Wave Vortex Antennae Disc is the perfect accessory for your space.



    • outer dimensions: 200x200mm (~8" x 8")
    • thickness: 1.6mm



    • mask: white
    • metal plating: 24k gold
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