Double unifilar scalar wave coil antenna for experiments with Tesla coils or radionics devices like rife machines, MWO oscillators, manifestation devices, etc.

Duble unifilar scalar wave coil module

SKU: 0298
  • These coil modules can be connected to dual channel audio amplifier, to a frequency generator or a radionics machine.


    The module can be connected to an external power or signal source via 4mm diameter banana connectors. The 4mm banana cables are not included with the coil modules.


    The middle (black) connector is the common connector (gnd) and the left and right red connectors lead to the left and right unifilar coils.




    • outer dimensions: 200x100mm (7.87"x3.94")
    • thickness: 1.6mm (0.064")
    • resistance: 8 ohm
    • number of turns: 20