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"Embrace the power of scalar waves with our Compact Whirlpool Energy Machine, a marvel of modern energy technology designed to fit seamlessly on your desktop

Whirlpool Scalar Wave Machine

SKU: 305_whirlpool
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  • Central to its design is a Scalar Wave disc, mounted on a precision electric motor. Upon activation, this disc spins, initiating a captivating whirlpool of energy. Complementing its functionality, the machine features an enchanting LED effect, adding a visual dimension to the energy experience.

    But the innovation doesn't stop there. This device offers connectivity to via a 3.5mm audio cord, similar to a speaker. This unique feature allows the machine to emit frequencies in the form of Scalar Waves, transforming digital signals into a tangible energetic experience. Whether used for personal wellness or as a part of a holistic practice, our Compact Whirlpool Energy Machine is more than just a device; it's a gateway to exploring the potential of Scalar Wave technology and the power of frequency-based healing."

    Technical specifications


    • power supply: 5V USB port with the minimum constant current supply of 1A

    • power cable: USB type B

    • signal cable: 3.5mm audio cord

    • maximum air temperature: 50°C
    • minimum air temperature: 0°C
    • maximum air humidity: 85%
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