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Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator - Elemental

Welcome to the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) user guide. Congratulations on acquiring the upgraded version of this remarkable device, equipped with two Rodin coils for enhanced performance. The SWCC is a cutting-edge machine designed to generate a powerful Scalar Wave field, incorporating onboard programs and integrated healing crystals dedicated to the elemental forces of fire, water, air, and earth.

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Scalar waves, a type of non-Hertzian wave, possess unique properties that allow them to interact with energy and information fields beyond the limitations of conventional electromagnetic waves. By harnessing the potential of Scalar Waves, the SWCC facilitates communication and resonance with the subtle realms of consciousness, promoting balance, harmony, and well-being.

With its upgraded features, including the two Rodin coils, the SWCC provides an even stronger field and more potent effects. The Rodin coil, named after its inventor Marko Rodin, is a specially wound coil that exhibits fascinating mathematical and energetic properties. By incorporating these coils into the SWCC, the device enhances its ability to generate and manipulate Scalar Waves, amplifying its effectiveness in various applications.

This user guide will walk you through the functionality, operation, and maintenance of the SWCC. It will provide detailed instructions on how to utilize the onboard programs and harness the power of the integrated healing crystals. Whether you seek personal transformation, energetic healing, or exploration of higher states of consciousness, the SWCC is here to assist you on your journey.

Please read this guide thoroughly to ensure a safe and optimal experience with the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator. By following the instructions and utilizing the SWCC responsibly, you can unlock the full potential of this extraordinary device and harness the profound benefits it offers.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together with the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator.

How to use the SWCC elemental edition

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) incorporates a range of onboard programs specifically designed to support the seven chakras and promote energization and relaxation. These programs are essential for harmonizing and balancing the subtle energy centers within the body.

To power the SWCC, you will need a USB Type-C cable, which is provided with the machine. This cable allows you to connect the SWCC to a 5V power source. You can use various devices as power sources, including a PC, a phone adapter, or any other device equipped with a USB output.

Please note that it is important to ensure a stable power supply when using the SWCC. Make sure your power source is reliable and capable of providing a consistent 5V power output. Unstable or fluctuating power supplies may affect the performance of the device.

In the following sections of this user guide, you will find detailed instructions on how to navigate and activate the onboard programs for each of the seven chakras, as well as the energize and relax program. By utilizing these programs in conjunction with the powerful Scalar Wave field generated by the SWCC, you can optimize your energetic well-being and support your personal growth and transformation.

Remember to always follow the instructions provided and exercise caution when operating the SWCC. Enjoy the benefits of this advanced technology and explore the profound possibilities it offers in your journey towards balance, harmony, and self-discovery.

We are delighted to offer you four distinct versions of this remarkable device, each designed to align with and harness the energy of a specific elemental force: fire, water, air, and earth. These specialized editions of the SWCC incorporate unique healing crystals that enhance their resonance and effectiveness within their respective elemental domains.

  1. Fire Edition: The Fire Edition of the SWCC is dedicated to the transformative power of fire. Integrated with carefully selected healing crystals attuned to fire energy, this version amplifies vitality, passion, and courage. It supports purification, and empowerment, and ignites the spark of creative inspiration within you.\

  2. Water Edition: Immerse yourself in the soothing and fluid energy of the Water Edition SWCC. Crafted with healing crystals that resonate with water's flow and emotional depth, this version encourages emotional healing, intuition, and adaptability. It helps you dive into the depths of your emotions, promoting inner harmony and rejuvenation.

  3. Air Edition: Experience the breezy and expansive energy of the Air Edition SWCC. Infused with healing crystals that align with the qualities of air, this version enhances mental clarity, communication, and intellectual pursuits. It supports creativity, facilitates positive connections, and invites fresh perspectives into your life.

  4. Earth Edition: Ground yourself in the nurturing and stabilizing energy of the Earth Edition SWCC. Equipped with healing crystals attuned to the earth element, this version promotes grounding, abundance, and physical well-being. It assists in fostering a deep connection with nature, facilitating stability, and cultivating a sense of rootedness in your life.

Each Elemental Edition of the SWCC offers a unique and specialized approach to harnessing the power of Scalar Waves within the corresponding element's energetic realm. By integrating specific healing crystals, these editions provide a tailored and focused experience to support your personal growth, healing, and connection to the elemental forces.

When choosing your SWCC Elemental Edition, consider the elemental energy you resonate with most strongly or the specific elemental qualities you wish to enhance in your life. Select the edition that aligns with your intentions and embark on a transformative journey through the power of Scalar Waves and integrated healing crystals.

Operating the machine

Operating the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) is straightforward. To power on the device, connect one end of the provided USB Type-C cable to the SWCC and the other end to a compatible 5V power source, such as a PC, phone adapter, or any other device with a USB output. Once connected, the SWCC will be powered and ready for use.

To switch between programs, utilize the upper button located on the SWCC. Each press of the upper button will cycle through the available onboard programs, allowing you to select the desired program corresponding to a specific chakra or the energize and relax program.

Furthermore, the lower button on the SWCC is dedicated to starting the Schumann frequency resonators. The Schumann resonators generate frequencies that are in harmony with the Earth's natural electromagnetic field, which is often associated with grounding and the root chakra. These resonators can be activated by pressing the lower button, facilitating a deeper connection to the Earth's energy and promoting a sense of stability and balance.

When utilizing the Schumann frequency resonators, it is recommended to focus on the root chakra to enhance the grounding experience. The root chakra, also known as the Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine and is associated with feelings of safety, stability, and being rooted in the physical world.

By incorporating the Schumann resonators into your SWCC experience, you can further enhance the grounding aspects of your practice and promote a harmonious alignment with the Earth's energy.

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) operates under specific conditions to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Please take note of the following operating conditions:

  1. Power Supply: The SWCC requires a 5V power supply from a USB port. It is important to use a power source with a minimum constant current supply of 1A to ensure a stable and consistent power flow. Connect the SWCC to the power source using the provided USB Type-C cable. The cable is included with the machine

  2. Signal Cable: For certain functionalities, such as connecting external devices or accessories, a 3.5mm audio cord is required as the signal cable. The cable is included with the machine

  3. Air Temperature: The SWCC can operate within a specific range of air temperatures. The maximum permissible air temperature is 50°C, while the minimum is 0°C. It is essential to avoid exposing the device to temperatures beyond these limits, as extreme heat or cold may adversely affect its functionality.

  4. Air Humidity: The SWCC is designed to withstand air humidity levels of up to 85%. However, it is recommended to keep the device in a relatively dry environment whenever possible. Excessive humidity may impact the electrical components and overall performance of the SWCC.

Adhering to these operating conditions will help ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator.

External frequency source

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) offers the capability to provide an external frequency input using a 3.5mm audio cord. This feature allows you to connect a compatible device, such as an MP3 player, phone, PC, or any other device with a 3.5mm audio output, to the SWCC.

While the SWCC comes equipped with its own oscillators and onboard programs that generate scalar wave frequencies, the option to input a specific frequency through the 3.5mm audio cord is available for more customized experiences. This feature enables you to introduce a particular frequency of your choice into the aetheric field generated by the SWCC.

To utilize this option, simply connect one end of the 3.5mm audio cord to the audio output of your device and the other end to the corresponding input on the SWCC. Ensure that the connected device is playing the desired frequency or audio content for transmission through the SWCC's aetheric field.

It is important to note that this external frequency input option is not typically used in most cases, as the SWCC's internal oscillators and onboard programs provide a wide range of frequencies and functionalities. However, if you have specific frequencies or audio content you wish to introduce into the scalar wave field, this feature offers a convenient and flexible option.

Elemental force


In the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC), the power of the elemental forces is projected most prominently through the Energize program. This program is specifically designed to amplify and channel the energy of the corresponding elemental force—fire, water, air, or earth.

When utilizing the Energize program, the SWCC focuses on harnessing and projecting the elemental energy to support your intentions and goals. This program allows for a concentrated experience of the elemental force, promoting vitality, transformation, fluidity, clarity, grounding, or other qualities associated with the specific element.

On the other hand, the chakra-specific programs in the SWCC can be used similarly to a regular SWCC but with an increased power output due to the integration of the Rodin Coils. These coils enhance the device's capability to generate a stronger Scalar Wave field, amplifying the effects of the chakra-specific programs.

By utilizing the chakra-specific programs in conjunction with the Rodin Coils, you can experience a heightened and more potent energetic impact on the corresponding chakra centers. This combination offers a deeper and more focused exploration of the chakra system, promoting balance, healing, and alignment within your energy centers.


Whether you choose to utilize the Energize program to connect with the power of the elemental forces or engage with the chakra-specific programs to enhance your chakra work, the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator provides a versatile and powerful tool for personal growth, healing, and transformation.


Below, you will find short video clips showcasing each program of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC). These videos provide a glimpse into the unique qualities and experiences associated with each program. Enjoy exploring the different programs of the SWCC through these visual representations.

1. Energize Program


Experience the powerful projection of energy through the Energize Program. Feel the vitality, intensity, and focused energy alignment it offers.

2. Relax Program


Immerse yourself in the soothing and calming energy of the Relax Program. Witness the gentle and tranquil effects that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

3. Root Chakra Program


Explore the grounding and foundational energy of the Root Chakra Program. Witness how it supports feelings of stability, security, and connection to the physical world.

4. Sacral Chakra Program


Dive into the creative and sensual energy of the Sacral Chakra Program. Experience the flow of emotions, passion, and pleasure it fosters.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra Program

Embrace the empowered and confident energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra Program. Witness its effects on personal power, self-esteem, and motivation.

6. Heart Chakra Program

Open your heart to the loving and compassionate energy of the Heart Chakra Program. Experience its effects on emotional healing, harmony, and connection.

7. Throat Chakra Program

Express your authentic voice through the communicative energy of the Throat Chakra Program. Witness how it promotes self-expression, clear communication, and creativity.

8. Third Eye Chakra Program

Awaken your intuition and inner wisdom with the Third Eye Chakra Program. Experience enhanced clarity, insight, and spiritual connection.

9. Crown Chakra Program

Connect with the divine and transcendental energy of the Crown Chakra Program. Witness its effects on spiritual awakening, higher consciousness, and unity.

These video clips offer a visual representation of the experiences facilitated by each program of the SWCC. Please note that they may not fully capture the complete range of sensations and effects you may experience when utilizing the actual device.

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) is a powerful device that harnesses scalar wave fields and integrates healing crystals, making it dedicated to the elemental forces of fire, water, air, and earth. With its upgraded version featuring two Rodin coils, the SWCC offers a stronger field and more powerful effects. The device includes onboard programs for each of the seven chakras, as well as an Energize program and a Relax program. While the chakra-specific programs enhance the SWCC's power output due to the Rodin Coils, the Energize program projects the power of the elemental forces.

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) provides a unique and versatile tool for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Whether you choose to explore the elemental forces, activate specific chakras, or experience deep relaxation, the SWCC's programs offer a range of powerful energetic experiences. The integration of healing crystals and the enhanced power output of the Rodin Coils further amplifies the device's effects. By engaging with the SWCC, individuals can tap into the energy of the elements, harmonize their chakras, and connect with their own inner power and potential. Embrace the possibilities of the SWCC and embark on a journey of self-discovery and energetic alignment.

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