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A compact Healing Energy Generator with Rodin and Bifilar Tesla coils coupled with aquamarine healing crystals.

Aquamarine based Orgone Energy Well Generator

SKU: 0438_aquamarine
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  • Orgone Well Generators are powerful tools for projecting energy fields and energizing (cleaning) larger healing crystals such as amethyst geodes, big quartz pieces, and similar. Besides that, they are also useful for cleaning orgone energy items and providing an active power source to devices such as orgone tower busters.

    Our generators are standalone units which means they require no external devices in order to operate. They have an internal frequency generator that powers the coils in synchronicity to ensure the strongest possible power output. However, they can also be connected to an external frequency source using a 3.5mm audio cord. This means that the Orgone Wells can be used with our online app for generating healing frequencies.



    • USB connector
    • voltage: 5V
    • current requirements: 1A



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