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Orgone Well Generators

Orgone Well Generators are powerful tools for projecting energy fields and energizing (cleaning) larger healing crystals such as amethyst geodes, big quartz pieces, and similar. Besides that, they are also useful for cleaning orgone energy items and providing an active power source to devices such as orgone tower busters.

Our generators are standalone units which means they require no external devices in order to operate. They have an internal frequency generator that powers the coils in synchronicity to ensure the strongest possible power output. However, they can also be connected to an external frequency source using a 3.5mm audio cord. This means that the Orgone Wells can be used with our online app for generating healing frequencies.

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How do Orgone Well Generator work?

At the core of each generator are 2 coils that produce Scalar Waves and magnetic fields. These coils are a Bifilar Tesla Coil and a Rodin Coil. Both of them are actively powered by the integrated electronic board. The onboard circuit drives the coils in a synchronized mode in order to ensure the maximum possible efficiency of energy conversion.

The most intense energy field is present in the middle of the Rodin Coil. The field extends outwards but it drops with the distance. Therefore the machine should be placed in relative proximity to the object that you wish to energize. In case you wish to energize your body, you should sit near the device while it is operating for about 15 minutes per day. The range of the energy field depends on the environmental conditions. EMF and other negative energies will decrease the range. However, with time the Orgone Well will cleanse the room of those energies and the range will thus extend. An average effective range is about 3m (10ft).

The energy field is generated by the two coils and also by healing crystals once they are exposed to the magnetic field of the coils. The vortex magnetic field stimulates the crystals to the point that they begin to emit energy at a significantly increased level compared to their natural state. The healing properties of such a field depend on the healing crystals integrated into the machine. Some Orgone Wells have specific healing crystals permanently integrated, but we also have available machines without healing crystals. This gives you the liberty to put your own crystals into the machine and experiment. We recommend using amethyst, clear quartz, citrine, smoky quartz, carnelian, peridot, aquamarine, tourmaline, prehnite, and crystals with similar structures.

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At the top of the Bifilar Tesla coil (the tower), you can see a ball that is either metallic or filled with healing crystals and orgone energy-generating material. Machines with metallic spheres are specialized for the emission of energy fields for energizing of energetic items and for cleaning the area of negative energy. On the other hand devices with spheres filled with healing crystals and orgone material are best at providing healing energy fields for living beings around the Energy Well. It has to be noted that all versions can do both tasks but they are more effective at a certain thing according to the design.

Besides the emission of energetic fields, Orgone Well Generators also have a light therapy function in the form of a full-spectrum visible light circle (rainbow wheel). Much of the device is made from light-absorbing material that will glow in the dark.


Aplicum Orgone Energy Well  Generators have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Therefore they have only a single button for setting the output power. Besides that there are 3 connectors; a USB for providing power, and two 3.5mm audio connectors for optional external frequency input. These two audio connectors are internally connected which means either of the two can be used as an input with the other one automatically serving as output. This enables you to daisy chain several devices together with the shared signal. You can daisy chain Orgone Wells with other Scalar Wave devices such as Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicators, MWO harmonizers, Orgone Charging Stations, and more.

Power to the Orgone Well has to be provided via a USB power cord. You can connect it to your phone charger, laptop, PC, or any other device that has a USB port. Cables are provided with the machine, but the power source is not.

Output power is set by pressing and holding the button at the back of the machine. Once the button is pressed LED lights will turn red one by one in a clockwise direction. The more LEDs there are on, the greater the output power. Once you are happy with the set power just release the button and the power setting will be stored.

Orgone Well can receive external frequency via 3.5mm audio connector. You can use any audio signal as the source. This includes frequency generators, MP3 players, audio recordings, and even YouTube videos with integrated healing frequencies. We recommend using our frequency generator app that works in browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and similar. You can reach the free app by clicking this link.

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