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Lumia Energy Art

Mandalas with healing crystals

I know that many of you feel spiritually disconnected in today’s fast-paced world. You're struggling with an imbalance that affects your mental clarity, feeling emotionally unstable, and haven’t found peace for a long time.


Many of you are seeking ways to feel more connected to the world around you and to understand yourselves on a deeper level. You wish to open your chakras, which are like a doorway to universal wisdom. However, finding the path to do this can take a lot of work.


To assist you, I have created unique pieces of Lumia Energy Art. Each piece is handmade and designed to support you in achieving the highest good.


Each art piece consists of a mandala made to activate a specific chakra, combined with real crystals and the revolutionary energy-balancing technology of a Lakhovsky MWO healing disc. Every element has been carefully selected and cleansed, so when you receive the art, it is charged with positive and healing energy, ready to be used immediately.

Little science behind:

As you probably know, mandalas have been used for millennia in spiritual traditions all around the world to help focus the mind and deepen meditation.

Crystals are recognized for their vibrational properties, positively interacting with the body's energy field, balancing the energy structure (biofield), and uplifting the environment - they absorb negative energies and emit positive energy.

The Lakhovsky MWO healing disc is based on the principles of resonance, suggesting that living cells can restore balance when exposed to the correct frequencies. This disc helps to restore disrupted energy flows in the environment and increases/enhances the energy of crystals.

How it works?

When you receive the Energy Art, its presence begins to work immediately. You can hang it on a wall, place it next to your bed, in your meditation space, or anywhere important to you in your house. You will start to feel more balanced and calm. This art also acts as a constant source of positive energy, stimulating a balanced and harmonious environment.


Remember, you are not just purchasing a piece of decor; you are investing in your personal growth. This Energy Art is more than just art; it’s a tool designed to guide you on your path of enlightenment and help elevate your well-being to new heights.



You have multiple options for cleaning the Energy Art. And yes, we recommend cleaning it at least once per month.


Scalar Wave Devices

These are great for cleaning our Energy Art. Crystals get charged with Scalar waves produced by the device.


Sage or Palo Santo

This is a good choice if you do not own a Scalar Wave device. Practice smudging - place the sage/palo santo in a fireproof container and light it up. Blow out the flame so only smoke remains. Gently wave the sage/palo santo stick around the Energy Art to help the smoke cover the crystals. Afterward, ventilate the room well.


Power of the Full Moon

The Full Moon has the power of cleansing and charging crystals. Place the Wall Art outside or near an open window - somewhere it will be directly illuminated by the moonlight.

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