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Dual coil amplifier modules can have up to 2 Scalar Wave Coil Modules connected at once or a single Dual Coil Module.

Dual channel amplifier module for Scalar Wave coils

SKU: 305_double_amp
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  • Power is provided by 3x AA batteries or via USB type B connector. USB option can not be powered via batteries and vice-versa the battery-powered module does not have the USB connector. USB cable is not supplied with the module.


    The amplifier has a three-color LED power lever indication for each coil and two 3.5mm audio connector ports. Several Dual Coil Amplifier Modules can be daisy-chain connected with a shared frequency signal. Using such a setup, large scale energy fields can be established. This includes the possibility of projecting the pyramid energy field over a larger area.


    Please refer to the attached pictures for connections. If you would like to have more info about these items, we can send you a pdf file with instructions.




    • outer dimensions: 100x100mm (3.94")




    • input: 3.5mm audio port
    • output: 4mm banana plug connectors




    • green




    • 3.5mm audio port
    • 4mm banana ports




    • 1x double Scalar Wave Amplifier Module
    • 1x 3.5mm audio cable connector




    • 100x100mm Scalar Wave Coil Modules with 4mm banana plug connectors
    • 200x200mm Scalar Wave Coil Modules with 4mm banana plug connectors
    • 200x100mm Scalar Wave Coil Modules with 4mm banana plug connectors
  • We gladly accept returns. If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us withing 7 days of delivery and we will do everything to resolve any issues.

    All items returned should be in the same condition as they were delivered. All parcels are properly packed but in the most unlikely case there was damage during transport please contact us immediately.


    Returned items will be refunded in full.

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