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EMF protection torus antenna - copper set of 10

  • This vortex antenna generates torus shaped vortex field which differs from classical Flanagan cosmic sensor plate which creates conical vortex field. These plates have been specially designed to serve as EMF protection devices.


    The core of the plate is made from copper which is protected with clear acrylic coating which protects the copper from oxidation. Base is made from high quality advanced type of fiber-glass.


    The EMF protection plates protect against harmful EMF field by converting it to scalar waves. The torus field created mimics the magnetic field of Earth which protects us from harmful radiation coming from outer space.


    Each EMF protection plate has 5mm diameter hole at the centre which can be used to add magnetic healing properties to the vortex antenna. You can use 5mm diameter neodymium super-magnet.


    Antennae can be used as a standalone items or incorporated into final product. Example of use are orgone pendants, orgone pyramids or any other orgone energy producing items.



    - diameter: 65mm

    - thickness: 1mm