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A miniature Scalar Wave Torus Field generator that generates a very concentrated Scalar Wave Energy field in a small area.


Please check the instructions page on how to use these devices and what their benefits are.

Miniature Torus Field Scalar Wave Generator

SKU: 0419_torus
  • As the name suggests, miniature Scalar Wave Devices are a miniaturized version of their bigger brothers. However, let the size not fool you! These machines have the same power as the larger versions. Besides smaller size, the other main advantage of making Scalar Wave Devices smaller is that they are capable of generating extremely concentrated energy fields. Energy concentrations that the smaller coil can generate can never be rivaled by bigger machines. But this comes at a cost of the range of the field generated. Therefore these machines are not designed to provide energy to the entire room or larger geodes of healing crystals.

    Miniature Scalar Wave devices are an ideal choice for energizing smaller healing crystal pieces, orgone jewelry, smaller orgone pyramids, cell phone stickers, homeopathic pellets, small quantities of water, and similar. They are so small