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Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator - healing crystal edition

Based upon the pioneering work on the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator v1.0 and 2.0, we developed a specialized iteration of this line of Scalar Wave generating machines!

The SWCC healing crystal edition has an emphasis on utilizing the healing power of crystals and combining them with modern technology. It is a unique machine that took 2 years to fully develop, test, and improve. It features integrated healing crystals, oscillators, amplifiers, light animations, automatic copy function, luminescent materials, and more.


SWCC healing crystal edition has retained all of the functions of the predecessor (SWCC v2.0) with quite a few extra features implemented. Other upgrades consist of using aluminum knobs instead of plastic ones, gold-plated 4mm banana port connectors for external coil modules, solid-state capacitors, more pre-installed programs, and the use of LED animations.

On board programs

One of the major features of these devices is the pre-installed programs that will make many Reiki practitioners happy! We implemented several programs that combine healing frequencies and light therapy patterns specifically designed to have a balancing effect on individual chakras. These programs can be easily triggered with only 1 button. Each program is time-limited which means it will shut down after around 15 minutes.


The machine should be operated in a dark and quiet room, preferably a meditation room. If that is not possible a living room with all other electronic devices shut off and shades closed will work well too. It is essential that you eliminate all possible interferences from your environment while working with it. Cell phones, computers, and similar are not welcome when running these programs.

There are 2 additional programs that are designed to provide energizing and relaxing effects to the user. Please refer to the video below on how to access these programs. The procedure is simple as it involves only pressing the 'imprint' button until the desired program is reached. When all LED animations are off, no internal program is running. In this mode, you can use externally provided frequencies via a 3.5mm audio port.

Miniature MWO harmonizer antenna design

The following videos depict different programs running. Besides the light effects, there is also a power coil below the lights and a careful selection of the finest clear quartz crystals above. The crystals are encompassed in a clear watertight dome. Users can place hands on top of both slots when the machine is operational.

Copying / imprinting

This procedure is practically identical to how you copy or imprint information using SWCC v2.0. But there is an added benefit that you can directly imprint water or energetic items with a chakra-specific frequency using the pre-installed programs.


Imprinting a chakra-specific frequency is a simple procedure that only involves selecting the desired programs as shown above and then placing the item you wish to imprint on one of the slots. Either of the slots or both of them at the same time can be used. It is essential that you set the power to the slot(s) with the item placed on to the maximum power. This is done by rotating the blue knob in from of the SWCC outwards away from the center of the machine. For the right knob, this means rotating it clockwise and the left slot must be rotated counter-clockwise to increase power. If you are using only 1 slot, it is recommended to set the power of the empty slot to a minimum, but it is not absolutely necessary. Doing so will save power.

Blank run (overwrite information stored in the integrated healing crystals)

It has to be noted that the integrated healing crystals will also get imprinted in the process and that information will be retained in the crystals. This means if you finish imprinting something at one frequency and then wish to imprint another object at a different frequency, you will first have to make a 'blank run imprinting'. A blank run imprinting is running the SWCC in imprint mode without any objects on the slot. The duration of the blank run should last a whole cycle of the selected program. A blank run will overwrite the information stored in the healing crystals with the new frequency. This will avoid interference from previous frequencies that are retained in crystals. After the blank run is complete, you can then proceed with imprinting the new object in a regular way.

Copying information

This version of SWCC is also capable of copying information but yet again care must be taken to avoid accidentally adding information stored in healing crystals to the copied item. Since there is no possibility to actively erase information in healing crystals (information can only be overwritten), we have to rely on time to erase the stored frequencies. Around a week is needed for the energy in crystals to dissipate on its own. Unfortunately, this means that we can not perform a quality copying of information after the machine has been used for regular imprinting or Reiki sessions. The same can be said if you are copying information from different sources. We recommend getting an SWCC v2.0 if your primary demand is copying information.

Power boost

Bellow the imprint button there is a power boost button that is indicated by a circle of LEDs. The power boost option when enabled will increase the power output of the SWCC. Vice versa disabling it will also decrease the power output. This is useful in situations where the SWCC is powered using a power bank battery where power drain from the source is more important. When SWCC is powered using a USB power adapter or PC, we recommend leaving the power boost option on.

Technical specifications

  • power supply: 5V USB port with the minimum constant current supply of 1A

  • power cable: USB type B

  • signal cable: 3.5mm audio cord

  • maximum air temperature: 50°C
  • minimum air temperature: 0°C
  • maximum air humidity: 85%


If you wish to be mobile with the SWCC, we recommend using a power bank with USB output to power the machine. 

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