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Radionic systems with Scalar Wave Devices

Aplicums's Scalar Wave machines are modular and can be integrated into larger radionic systems. A Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator [SWCC] is meant to be the foundation of such a system. You can use any version of the SWCC (SWCC v2.0, SWCC healing crystal edition, etc.). Devices such as Orgone Well Generators, Bifilar Tesla coils, imprinting plates, etc., are accessories that serve either as sources or emitters of  Scalar Waves.

Radionic system setup

Connections between devices are done using 3.5mm audio cables and 4mm banana cables. If device requires USB power, you can use separate power sources. For example two wall adapters, different USB ports on a PC, etc.

Pictures below represent 2 of the possible uses of SWCC in combination with an MWO harmonizer and Orgone Well Generator. Both of these setups will generate a powerful energetic field. A combination of SWCC and MWO harmonizer is excellent for generating MWO healing field. More about MWO healing can be read on the MWO healing page. The same combination can also be used for energetic cleansing and protection against negative energy.

Orgone Well Generator with SWCC is an entirely standalone system that is effective at charging more oversized items that are in the proximity of the Orgone Well and SWCC. When these devices are connected together, the overall effect is greater than if both devices were used near each other without being connected.


Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator and MWO harmonizer


Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator and Orgone Energy Well

It is not essential to use SWCC as a base for a radionic system. For example, you can connect an Orgone Well to an MWO harmonizer. In this case, the machines are synchronized together. The combination will generate a strong harmonizing energy field which is excellent for healing crystals therapies, energetic cleansing, and reiki sessions. If you wish to use it as a classic radionic machine, you will have to connect an external imprinting plate to the Orgone Well. This will enable you to perform manifestation and copy information from one object to another.


Orgone Energy Well and MWO harmonizer

The simplest upgrade to SWCC is an external Bifilar Tesla coil. The following example is of the radionic setup optimized for manifestation. A specialized Bifilar Tesla coil with an enhanced core made of a mixture of semiconductive silicone particles is connected to SWCC using 4mm banana cables. This increases the output power of the SWCC. The manifestation procedure with this setup is the same as if only SWCC would have been used.


SWCC with advanced Bifilar Tesla coil module

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