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This kit will allow you to make your own gem elixirs. Capture healing powers of the healing crystals and infuse it in water. Get energized, revitalized, remove anxiety and more.

Water energizing kit, orgone recharging kit

SKU: 0187_water_kit
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  • The set consists of an advanced aetheric energy pump and 12 healing crystals.

    The tesseract aetheric energy pump draws energy to the center from the 12 healing crystals placed on the 12 outer energy hubs. At the center, there is a scalar wave vortex antenna that is fed with the energy coming from the healing crystals. The scalar wave antenna forms a scalar wave vortex field.

    To properly energize water place the glass or jar of water in the center of the disc-like seen on the picture. A time period of 15 minutes will be sufficient to charge a small glass of water. If you would like to charge a larger jar of water it is suggested that you leave it there closed for at least 8 hours.

    Making crystal-infused water is very easy with this kit.



    • 1x Aetheric pump
    • 12x healing crystals (4x rose quartz, 4x citrine, 4x jade)



    • Aetheric pump diameter: 300x300mm (11.8x11.8")
    • Aetheric pump thickness: 1.6mm (0.063")



    The aetheric pump alone can be used as an advanced form of EMF shield generator. It will draw EMF energy towards the center and feed it to the scalar wave vortex antenna where it is neutralized.

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