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The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) is our most advanced scalar wave producing device. It features several onboard Schumann frequency oscillators, amplifiers,  2 orgone disc slots, external connectors for powering 2 bifilar Tesla coil at once and an audio connector for external frequency source. The following illustration depicts all important parts of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator.


This version of SWCC includes 2 Lakhovsky MWO antennae and torus field Scalar Wave Disc. This essentially turns it into dual channel MWO harmonizer device.


For more info please check the page that goes in-depth on how to use these devices.

Scalar wave cosmic communicator with MWO harmonizer

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  • The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator has 2 slots that can each fit one 65mm diameter orgone energy disc. Via these slots, they can be replenished with just like with the Scalar Wave Orgone charger. The SWCC also has an integrated Schumann frequency oscillator thus you do not need to connect it to an external source like a computer in order to charge the orgone energy disc.

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