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Scalar wave devices

This page is dedicated to the actively powered devices that are capable of producing scalar waves. If you are interested in what scalar waves are and how they work please this page.


We have designed several devices that work in conjunction with modern technology, sacred geometries and principles used by Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. These devices can serve as manifestation tools, orgone chargers or scalar wave therapy devices.

The orgone charger is a simple yet effective scalar wave device that is primarily meant to replenish orgone energy discs with fresh energy and remove any possible negative fields that the orgone energy discs can accumulate during their use.


Chargers have an integrated amplifier, Tesla's bifilar coil and a tesseract sacred geometry aetheric pump. The on-board amplifier can be connected to a computer or any other compatible audio source via a 3.5mm audio port. This makes them extremely versatile since you have the liberty to determine the frequencies fed into the orgone energy disc. We recommend using Schumann frequencies (7.83Hz, 14.10Hz and 20.30Hz). These frequencies are the Earth's natural resonance and will thus work well with all orgone energy discs that contain healing crystals.


There is also an LED power indicator on the charger. This LED indicator will display the power of the scalar wave emission.

Orgone chargers as manifestation tools


These devices are not limited only to recharging orgone energy disc, they can also be used as manifestation tools. 


In order to perform wish manifestation, a paper with text or a photo related to the wish in question should be placed on the tesseract while the charger is powered on. With wish manifestation, you can also use different types of audio signals that are related to the wish in question. For example, music or recorded speech will work well.


In order to increase the effectiveness of manifestation, we recommend the scalar wave charger is used during meditation. A focused mind exposed to a Scalar Wave field can make miracles.


How to use an orgone charger?


Using chargers is as simple as it gets from the technical perspective. Each charger comes with an included 3.5mm audio cable that can be used to connect the charger directly to a computer, MP3 player, cell phone or any other 3.5mm audio port compatible device.


The power is provided by 3 AA batteries which can either be alkaline 1.5V or rechargeable 1.2V cells. The batteries are not included in the set but are standard and can be easily obtained anywhere in the world.

The bifilar coil amplifier module is an electronic board that can be connected to a computer or other compatible device via 3.5mm audio cable. The amplifier serves as an intermediary between frequency source and bifilar Tesla coil. In a simple term, it amplifies the signal coming in via the audio cable and transmits it into the standalone bifilar coil module. This increases the potency and strength of the generated scalar wave field.


The amplifier module has 4 main parts that are depicted in this illustration. The device requires no prior technical knowledge or skills for general purpose use.


It can be connected to various different coils like bifilar Tesla Coil, unifilar Tesla coil, rectangular bifilar Tesla Coil, octagonal Tesla coil and Triangular Tesla coil. In all cases, the black banana connector on the amplifier must be connected with the black banana connector on the coil module and vice versa with the red connectors.


Just like all other amplifier boards that we make, this one is also powered by 3 standard AA batteries. You can use either alkaline 1.5V cells or the 1.2V rechargeable ones.

Please note that the batteries are never included with any of the products due to restrictions for shipping the items with batteries via airmail. However, the batteries can be easily obtained anywhere in the world.

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 01.40.53.png

The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC) is our most advanced scalar wave producing device. It features several onboard Schumann frequency oscillators, amplifiers,  2 orgone disc slots, external connectors for powering 2 bifilar Tesla coil at once and an audio connector for external frequency source. The following illustration depicts all important parts of the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator.


The device is designed to be used to perform the following tasks;

  • Orgone charging station

  • Orgone healing therapy

  • Wish manifestation via the use of scalar waves

  • Powering up to 2 external bifilar Tesla coil modules


SWCC as Orgone charging station


The Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator has 2 slots that can each fit one 65mm diameter orgone energy disc. Via these slots, they can be replenished with just like with the Scalar Wave Orgone charger. The SWCC also has an integrated Schumann frequency oscillator thus you do not need to connect it to an external source like a computer in order to charge the orgone energy disc.


How to charge the orgone energy discs with SWCC?


Charging orgone energy discs is a simple task that consists of following steps;

  1. Press the 'power button', LEDs will light up once the board is powered.

  2. Place the 65mm orgone energy into the orgone disc slots. You can use 1 or 2 orgone discs at once.

  3. Pressing 'power mode button' will toggle between high power and low power mode. The orgone discs should be charged for 15 minutes in high power mode or for 30 minutes at low power mode. If you wish to use an external audio source to complement the onboard frequency generator, the selected mode should be the 'low power mode'.

Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator in action

SWCC as orgone healing therapy device


An orgone healing therapy can be conducted by placing 2 orgone energy disc into the orgone disc slots and powering the Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator. What this will do is temporarily increase the potency of the orgone energy disc and it's healing properties. During the therapy, we recommend placing a hand on each one orgone energy disc. Thus the energy will have a free path to flow through the body.


These therapies can be performed several times a day at time periods of between 10 and 15 minutes until the desired effect is reached. Please note that the SWCC only increases the power of the orgone energy disc but the specific healing properties of the orgone disc remain the same.


Orgone discs with different properties can be used at once as long as those properties do not cause a contradicting effect. For example, orgone disc with calming properties should not be used in combination with an energetic disc like the ones with pyrite or carnelian stones.


The SWCC will also provide power to the Lakhovsky MWO antenna inside the orgone disc if one is present. This will in term also provide an additional harmonizing effect. We recommend using orgone disc with 50mm MWO antenna.


Wish manifestation with SWCC


Wish manifestations can be performed in a similar way as with the Scalar Wave Orgone Charger. In a simple term, you can place either a picture related to the wish or a text with a wish on the orgone disc slot.


As a good tip, you can place a high-energy orgone energy disc with pyrite crystals on top of the paper or picture. This will increase the effectiveness of the manifestation.


In order to achieve desired results, several manifestation sessions might be required depending on the wish.


Powering external antennae or bifilar Tesla Coil modules


There are 2 sets of 4mm banana connectors that serve as an output for external bifilar Tesla Coil or compatible scalar wave antennae. Each of the outputs has its own amplifier and will emit the same signal as the onboard coils beneath the orgone disc slots. This comes in handy if you are trying to recharge or increase the power of large orgone items like orgone pyramids or tower busters. 


The outputs can be connected to the following coils;

  • 100mm bifilar Tesla Coil module

  • 100mm unifilar Tesla Coil module

  • 100mm rectangular bifilar Tesla Coil module

  • 100mm triangular scalar wave coil module

  • 100mm octagonal scalar wave coil module

  • 200mm bifilar Tesla Coil module

  • 193mm x 229mm triangular bifilar Tesla Coil

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