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How to lower chances of EMF related health issues?

Our world is run by modern electronic devices and every single one emits a certain amount of EMF. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for this, but we can take several precautions to decrease our exposure. The simplest action we can take is to turn off different wireless capabilities on our phones, laptops, and other wireless devices. For example, we rarely need Bluetooth on our cell phones, so we can turn it off. Most of the manufacturers already made it very easy to do this with a couple of taps of a finger. It is also recommended that you set your phone to airplane mode during the night. This will turn off all forms of wireless communication including GSM, thus your phone will be emitting next to no EMF and nobody will be able to bother you during the night. ​ To decrease EMF emitted by the phone during the day when we can not afford to turn off mobile data and other forms of wireless communication you can use one of our EMF protection stickers. These stickers are designed to absorb a certain amount of EMF, and they also generate orgone energy. There are several stickers available, each with a slightly different functionality.

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EMF protection stickers

We offer a wide variety of EMF protection devices, from larger multi-purpose antennae discs to stickers of several sizes. The sticker is the easiest to use and is purpose-built to be mounted on cell phones, laptops, and tablet computers. On the top, each sticker has a dome-shaped protective cover made from resin and a self-adhesive pad on the bottom side. The main part of each sticker is either MWO or vortex antenna or a tesseract geometry. Each of these geometries has slightly different properties but in the end, they all serve the same purpose. The color of the resin does not affect the functionality at all and is meant to serve only an aesthetic purpose, the ingredients of the resin dome are different in some stickers. This will affect the overall effectiveness of the sticker.


Our line of EMF protection stickers.

Our MWO technology based stickers come in 2 sizes. The large one is 35 mm in diameter and the smallest one is 25 mm in diameter. They are designed to be stuck to the backside of the cell phone. The only difference between the 2 is that the larger version offers a bit more protection due to its larger size. Both versions come in several colors and have a low profile which means they will not interfere much with the everyday use of the cell phone. Stickers are also effective when placed on a cell phone case but the effect will be reduced a bit due to increased distance from the body of the phone. In addition to the EMF protection, the stickers also provide a small-scale harmonization effect by using the energy sourced from the cell phone. The effect is similar to what larger Lakhovsky MWO antennae offer.

MWO stickers.jpg

Just like the MWO antenna stickers, the scalar wave vortex antenna (cosmic sensor disc) stickers come in 2 sizes. The larger one is 35 mm in diameter and the smaller has the diameter of 25 mm. Unlike the MWO antennae, the vortex antennae convert the EMF into scalar waves, but they do not provide the harmonizing effect. The 25 mm sticker has normal resin cover while the 35 mm version has a cover made of resin mixed with the metallic nanoparticle. This also makes it a tiny orgone accumulator. So far the larger stickers only come in blue-green color. They are much harder to manufacture thus only a single color is offered to keep the cost down.

Vortex antenna stickers.jpg

The tesseract stickers are considered to be the most powerful and effective EMF protection devices for small appliances that we offer. The base is made from a thick fiberglass disc with gold-plated copper tesseract geometry. The top side is covered with a mixture of organic resin and microscopic silver particles. Tiny metallic particles in combination with organic resin form a layer of orgone generating material while the tesseract metallic geometry absorbs the EMF. These EMF protection devices are 35 mm in diameter and around 3 mm thick. They are designed to be used on larger cell phones and tablet computers. They are also hard to manufacture thus they are currently only available in blue-green color as you can see in the picture.

tesseract stickers.jpg

Tesseract advanced EMF shield generator

We have developed an advanced EMF protection shield generator that combines the technology of scalar wave generation, tesseract energy pump, and harmonizing effect of MWO antennae. The result is a 300 mm (11.8") diameter EMF shield generator that works in passive mode (it gathers cosmic energy) and in active mode (can be exposed to Tesla coil wireless energy transfer to increase its power).

The shield generator comes in the shape of a decagon and it features 12 miniature MWO antennae 15 mm (0.6") in diameter placed in the outer angles of the tesseract energy pump. At the center, there is a 50 mm (2") diameter vortex antenna that forms a scalar wave vortex field which is fed by the tesseract energy pump. The EMF protection shield is built according to high industry standards, all metallic connections are made from 24k gold-plated copper traces. Gold plating ensures the longevity of the disc and increases its potency since gold is a noble metal that does not oxidize.

The animation below depicts how the EMF protection shield generator works. The purple pulsating field around the MWO represents the harmonizing effect provided by the Lakhovsky MWO antennae, the yellow-red arrows show the energy flow pushed towards the center of the tesseract and at the center of the tesseract the vortex antenna generates scalar wave vortex field.

300mm tesseract plate edited render.jpg

Tesseract advanced EMF shield generator benefits and uses

Besides the EMF protection, which is the primary function of the shield generator, the disc also provides various other benefits. Here is a short list of benefits and uses:

  • EMF protection

  • 5G protection

  • wish manifestation

  • meditation enhancing tool

  • cell harmonization

  • immune system boost

  • chakra alignment

  • chronic pain relief

  • migraine relief

  • anxiety relief

  • insomnia reduction

  • sleep quality improvement

  • stress management

  • concentration enhancement

  • depression management

  • enhancement of healing crystals and orgone energy devices

  • charging water with energy

HOW to use the EMF shield generator?


There are many ways these discs can be used. The most common and recommended way when using it as an EMF shield generator is to mount the disc on the wall or ceiling. This will provide all-day EMF protection and a constant scalar wave energy field. It is best that the discs are placed in areas where we spend a lot of time at. A good example is a bedroom since the average human spends 8 hours a day sleeping. There is no need for the disc to be permanently mounted to the wall, simply having it under the bed or nearby the bed will suffice. When permanently mounting the discs it is important that no holes are drilled into the disc and metal screws are inserted through it. Drilling holes on their own is not a problem if care is taken to ensure that the metallic connections are not damaged. But if you intend to do this please make sure that plastic screws are used instead of metallic ones.


Tesseract radionics discs can also be used for wish manifestation. In order to manifest wishes the best way to do so is to place pictures or items related to your wish at the center of the disc in the scalar wave vortex field. To properly manifest wishes you have to deeply think about your wish and why you desire it to come true. Do this during meditation when your mind is clear and brain waves are strongest. This way the energy transfer will be the most efficient.

Some also add a glass of water at the top of the picture or list of paper. The idea here is to use the memory properties of water to increase the chances of your wishes coming true. The use of water is optional.


To use the discs as a healing crystal enhancement tool, the crystals should be placed on the Lakhovsky MWO antennae at the corners of the tesseract. The vibrations and energy emitted by the crystals will be picked up by the tiny Lakhovksy MWO antennae and pushed toward the center by the tesseract energy pump. You can leave the center empty or put an orgone accumulator or orgone pyramid at the center to increase the strength of the scalar wave vortex field.

The healing crystals can be used during deep meditation or crystal healing sessions. After the session is finished crystals should be removed from the tesseract disc. The tesseract draws energy from the crystals and the crystals can be drained of energy if left on the disc for too long.


To charge water simply put a glass of water at the center of the tesseract on the vortex antenna. The glass should be left there for 15 to 30 minutes. The duration depends on the quality of water used. A 30-minute period should be enough to charge normal-sized glass in most circumstances. If you would like to charge large quantities of water, for example, an entire 2l jar of water, the jar must be left of the tesseract disc during the night.

If possible use special energy-enhancing glasses when charging the water. The effect will be much more efficient and the results will come sooner too.


In order to relieve stress, anxiety, migraines, and chronic pain the disc can be used during meditation as a part of a larger meditation altar, with healing crystal or orgone accumulators. 

Stress and anxiety relief are usually easier to handle so a meditation session per day will be enough in most cases. For that, we suggest using the disc in your meditation room (if you have one) or in some other quiet space where you will not be interrupted by noise, light, bad odor or any other distracting events. Being as close as possible to the scalar wave vortex will improve the effectiveness of the disc.

When dealing with chronic pain or migraines it is recommended that the disc is placed center first to the affected area for a certain amount of time. Since every person is a bit different, you will have to experiment with different time periods of exposure. You can start with a 10-minute long therapy and increase it if the effect is not powerful enough or decrease the time if relief appears sooner. You might feel a tingling sensation when exposed to the scalar wave vortex field. Do not be startled by that, this is completely normal.

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