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Celebrate the Harmony of Connection!

The Unity Circle Harmony Discs beautifully illustrate the interconnectedness of individual elements within a larger whole. Featuring a mesmerizing pattern of concentric circles made up of dots, these discs symbolize the essence of unity and harmony within communities and ecosystems. Inspired by the power of collective unity, these discs serve as a reminder and enhancer of balance and togetherness in any environment.


Unite and Harmonize!

The Unity Circle Harmony Discs are more than just decorative items; they are powerful symbols and tools designed to promote the ideals of unity and harmony, helping to align individual energies towards a common, cohesive goal.


A Catalyst for Communal and Personal Well-being:

  • Harmonizing Influence: Place these discs in communal spaces like living rooms, workplaces, or community centers to promote a sense of balance and togetherness, aligning personal energies with communal vibes.

  • Meditative Focus Tool: Use this disc as a focal point during meditation or mindfulness practices to encourage mental clarity and centering, helping to organize thoughts and calm the mind.

  • Decorative Symbol of Unity: Enhance any space with the aesthetic appeal of these discs; their geometric elegance serves as a constant reminder of how individual parts can synergize to create a harmonious and beautiful whole.

  • Enhancer of Group Dynamics: Ideal for use in workshops, group therapy sessions, or team-building activities to foster a sense of unity and collective focus among participants.


Synergize with Crystals Promoting Harmony:

  • Rose Quartz: Enhances empathy and harmony in relationships, making it ideal for fostering community spirit.

  • Amethyst: Promotes peace and tranquility within oneself and amongst others, aiding in creating a serene environment.

  • Blue Apatite: Encourages communication and understanding between people, supporting collaborative efforts.

  • Jade: Known for its soothing energy, it stabilizes the personality and integrates the mind with the body.


Ideal for Creating Cohesive and Balanced Environments!

These discs are perfect for anyone seeking to enhance the communal and individual harmony, whether in personal spaces, during collective gatherings, or in places dedicated to peace and collaborative efforts.

Unity Circle Harmony Disc

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our metallic base is created from high-quality copper, renowned for its durability and conductivity, and luxuriously plated with 24k gold.

    This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also enriches the spiritual properties of the piece. Copper is believed to conduct spiritual energy, promoting balance, harmony, and well-being. It is said to aid in amplifying thoughts and improving communication, making this metallic base both a beautiful and spiritually enriching choice.

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