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How to use Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator v2.0

Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator v2.0 is an iteration of the original radionics device called Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator or 'SWCC' for short. The SWCC v2.0 is a next generation of the SWCC radionics device that has all functions of the predecessor and a new system for automatic imprinting and copying of information.

SWCC v2.0 is capable of imprinting and energizing healing crystals, orgone energy items, and water. That being said any item that contains those materials can be imprinted. For example, food that contains water or jewelry that contains healing crystals or orgone material can be imprinted. The SWCC has 2 slots designed to fit our 65mm diameter orgone energy discs. These discs are designed to work with SWCC and optimal efficiency. However, you can also use orgone discs or pyramids from other sources as well. What you have to take care of is that the item is placed as close to the center of the slot.

You can refer to the picture below for various controls and features of the SWCC v2.0.

left slot


left power


right power


Audio connector

Audio connector

USB connector

power outputs

right slot

Copying information

Copying information is performed by a combination of power settings on two coils and pressing the ‘imprint’ button. Most of the procedure is done automatically by the SWCC.

To copy information, you will require 2 objects. The first object is the object that has the information you would like to copy. We will refer to that object as ‘original’ from now on. The second object is the object that will receive the information from the original. We will refer to that object as the ‘receiver’. Information transfer is based upon the energy flow. Energy flows from the area of higher potential to an area of lower potential. With SWCC we can easily establish different energy potentials on the left and right slots by changing power settings using the power knobs.

Copy procedure:


  • Place the original on the left slot of SWCC and the receiver on the right side.

  • Provide power to the SWCC either using batteries or a USB type B cable.

  • Set power on the left side to maximum and power on the right side to a minimum.

  • Press the ‘imprint’ button.

  • LEDs under the slots will start to cycle. The copy procedure is not in progress.

  • Wait for a certain amount of time. Usually, 15 - 45 minutes will be enough.

Note: Power is set by turning the power knobs. When the knob is turned, the LED indicators will change in intensity. The more LEDs that light up, the greater the power. Changing power during the imprint procedure is not possible. Setting power on the left to max and min to the right will create the greatest energy potential difference. You can also experiment with lower potential differences.

If the power is set to the same level on both slots, the copying procedure will not work since the energy potential difference will be zero. If powering the SWCC using batteries, the copy procedure will take longer due to less power being available compared to the USB cable power supply. When USB power is used, the ‘power’ button will be overridden and will not work. The ‘power’ button only works when battery power is used. The SWCC v2.0 can also be upgraded with the MWO harmonization disc
upgrade kit. You can also switch the original and the received from the left to the right spot. What matters is that the original is placed on a slot with higher energy potential and the receiver to the slot with lower energy potential.

The video below shows an example where information from an orgone energy disc with healing crystals is copied to water. In essence, this procedure will create a crystal elixir.

Imprinting information

Compared to copying, imprinting is different in the fact that the information imprinted into the receiving objects originates either from the SWCC or from a device connected to the SWCC using a 3.5mm audio cable.

SWCC is capable of automatically imprinting Schumann frequencies. This works well for imprinting water, healing crystals, and recharging orgone devices.

Imprinting procedure:


  • Place receiving items on either or both of the slots of the SWCC.

  • Provide power to the SWCC either using batteries or a USB type B cable.

  • Set power to the left and right side slots.

  • Press the ‘imprint’ button.

  • LEDs under the slots will start to cycle. The imprinting is now in progress.

  • Wait for a certain amount of time. This time depends on the objects.

Notes: The larger the item being imprinted, the more power is required. For example, a small glass of water can easily be charged on a low power setting but a larger jar will require maximum available power. Objects that can be imprinted are crystals, orgone energy devices, and water. That being said, anything that contains any of the above-mentioned substances can be imprinted.

Some of the recommended frequencies for imprinting can be found in the table below. In order to generate these frequencies, we recommend using tone generator software that works on a PC or phone. In order for the SWCC to receive these frequency signals, it should be connected to the PC or phone using the included 3.5mm audio cable. This is the same cable as is used for connecting external speakers to a computer.

963 Hz
Energization, awakeness
852 Hz
Boost to intuition and intellect
741 Hz
Anxiety relief
639 Hz
Improved meditation experience
528 Hz
Cleansing, healing, DNA repair
417 Hz
Negative energy neutralization
396 Hz
Body harmonization
285 Hz
Sleep improvement, regeneration
176 Hz
Pain relief, relaxation
7.83 Hz
Charging water, healing stones, pellets

This video shows how to imprint water with a certain frequency. Instead of water, you can also use healing crystals, orgone energy discs, orgone jewelry, etc.

Charging orgone energy discs

SWCC v2.0 is an ideal tool for charging orgone energy discs, infusing them with a certain frequency and cleansing them of negative energies.

Depending on the type of orgone energy disc used, there are some variations in the procedure. We will describe 3 typical situations that we normally encounter when dealing with orgone discs.


  1. Charging of classic orgone disc with clear quartz crystals and no additional antenna inside the disc.

  2. Charging of advanced orgone disc with chakra-specific stones (carnelian, apatite, rose quartz, pyrite, etc.) and an integrated antenna (MWO, vortex, torus, etc.)

  3. Cleansing of orgone discs. This is usually done with Shungite / Elite Shungite discs that can either be without an antenna or with one. Shungite discs are specifically designed for protection and can absorb negative energies therefore it is essential that they are regularly cleansed.

Charging of classic orgone discs


This is the simplest of tasks and does not require any external frequency source. You can charge either 1 or 2 orgone discs using the SWCC directly. All that is needed in this procedure is to set the power of both slots to maximum using the knobs at the front of the SWCC. After that, the ‘imprint’ button should be pressed and the SWCC will do the rest automatically. The orgone discs that we provide will be fully charged within 15 to 20 minutes. There is no need to charge them longer since the full energy potential will be reached after that time and orgone discs will not be able to store any more energy.

Charging of advanced orgone discs


These discs are more sophisticated items that include various healing crystals and antennae. In order to properly charge them it is recommended that you use an external frequency source provided by a frequency generator. This is essential because of the various stones used. Certain stones will respond better to certain frequencies. Using the wrong frequency will result in an improperly balanced orgone disc. This will in term lead to unsatisfactory results. However, if you accidentally charge the orgone disc with wring frequency, there is no permanent damage to the disc or crystals since such frequency can be overridden with a longer charging time at the correct frequency.

Each of these advanced orgonites corresponds to a specific chakra. In order to select the proper frequency please refer to the table below. Selected frequency should correspond to the chakra the stone in question has an effect on.


  • Root Chakra - 432 Hz (red jasper, garnet, obsidian, smoky quartz, rhodonite)

  • Sacral Chakra - 480 Hz (carnelian, citrine, sunstone, orange calcite)

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - 528 Hz (sunstone, yellow jasper, citrine, tigers eye, amber, pyrite)

  • Heart Chakra - 594 Hz (rose quartz, green jade, green aventurine, peridot, moldavite, amazonite)

  • Throat Chakra - 672 Hz (lapis lazuli, blue apatite, aquamarine, celestite, azurite)

  • Third Eye Chakra - 720 Hz (amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite, sodalite, lepidolite, black tourmaline)

  • Crown Chakra - 768 Hz (amethyst, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, labradorite, moonstone, selenite, howlite)


As you have probably noticed, some stones can be used for several chakras. This means that such stones can be successfully charged with different frequencies. But it is essential that you charge it with only 1 frequency at a time.


Example: citrine can be charged with 432Hz or 480Hz but never with both frequencies at the same time!


The duration of charging should be 15 to 20 minutes. If you wish to erase a certain frequency from the stone you can overwrite it with another by running the charging session for twice as long (30 to 40 minutes). 


Let's take the citrine disc for example again; You have a citrine disc that has been infused with the 432Hz to be used with the root chakra and now you wish to use it with the sacral chakra. For the 432Hz to be overwritten. You will have to charge the same disc for 30-40 minutes with the 480Hz.


Cleansing of orgone discs


For cleansing of the orgone discs, we recommend using Schumann frequencies. Luckily the SWCC already has an integrated Schumann frequency generator that will cycle through the Schumann frequency and the 2 harmonics. This function is enabled with the press of the ‘power boost’ button. Therefore there is no need for an external frequency source when cleansing the orgone discs. However, you can still opt to provide an external Schumann frequency source if you so desire. During cleansing power should also be set to maximum on both slots using the power knobs. You can cleanse 1 or 2 orgone discs at a time with the SWCC v2.0.

Operating conditions and troubleshooting

When using SWCC v2.0 on battery power, batteries will drain quickly due to a relatively high power draw. Therefore we recommend using high-quality rechargeable batteries. A more reliable way of powering the SWCC is using a USB type B cable. This option will provide stable power and enable the device to work for prolonged periods. If you wish to be mobile, you can power the SWCC via a USB cable connected to a power bank.

If LEDs are starting to flicker or do not turn on at all when the 'imprint' button is pressed, you need to change the batteries. This is an indicator that SWCC is not getting enough power for stable operation. Only 1.2 - 1.5V AA batteries can be used with SWCC! 

Environmental operating conditions

  • maximum air temperature: 35°C

  • minimum air temperature: 0°C
  • maximum air humidity: 85%

* Operating SWCC in conditions that do not meet these parameters can lead to damage to the device!

Technical specifications

  • battery power: 3xAA 1.2-1.5V batteries

  • USB connector: USB type B
  • USB adapter requirements: 5V. 1.5A constant output current

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