24k gold plated 18 pointed Tesseract radionics energy discs made from gold plated copper and composite material. 

18 pointed Tesseract gold plated discs set of 5

SKU: 0103
  • They can be used to make orgone accumulators, orgone pyramids,  radionics devices, reiki healing equipment, crystal healing accessories, mini altars, travel altars, and more.

    The intersecting line of the 18-pointed tesseract geometry cross energy fields at the center of the circle thus the energy is concentrated at the center of the disc. The circle acts as an aetheric pump that draws energy from the environment and concentrates it in the center.

    These tesseracts are an upgraded version of our 12 pointed tesseract discs.



    • diameter: 35mm
    • thickness: 1.6mm


    • 5 pieces