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Version 2.0 of Scalar Wave Cosmic Communicator (SWCC v2.0) is here!


Please check the instructions page on how to use the SWCC v2.0.

Scalar wave cosmic communicator v2.0

SKU: 0343_RB
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  • The newest iteration includes all the functions of the first iteration with added benefits of automatic imprinting/copy function.

    Our improved imprinting technique combines Scalar Waves, magnetic fields, and various light frequencies. This enables quicker and more efficient imprinting compared to the previous version. 

    Using a Scalar Wave imprinting plate you can copy or transmit information from an object placed on it.

    The device is designed to be used to perform the following tasks;


    • Orgone charging station
    • Orgone healing therapy
    • Wish manifestation via the use of scalar waves
    • Powering up to 2 external bifilar Tesla coil modules




    • 3.5mm audio cable (cable included)




    • USB type B connector
  • We gladly accept returns. If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us withing 7 days of delivery and we will do everything to resolve any issues.

    All items returned should be in the same condition as they were delivered. All parcels are properly packed but in the most unlikely case there was damage during transport please contact us immediately.


    Returned items will be refunded in full.

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