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A completely new approach to the Lakhovsky MWO harmonization technology!

Elliptic golden ratio Lakhovsky MWO harmonization plate

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  • Unlike circular MWO discs, these newest MWO antennae are elliptic in shape with the golden ratio of 1.618 being a crucial part of the design.


    The golden ratio is reflected in the ratio between the width and length, the thickness of the rings, and the openings of the rings.


    The elliptic design makes it more efficient at capturing EMF and emitting a harmonization field. The shape of the emitted field will also assume the shape of an ellipse.


    Thus they are better at providing a harmonizing effect in a room since less of the field will be facing upwards towards the ceiling and more towards the living space. Please note that the field is concentrated in a linear way.  These MWO antennae are designed to be better at providing the harmonizing field but are not a replacement for larger MWOs or Scalar Wave discs whose primary role is EMF protection. 


    Elliptic MWO discs are properly oriented when the openings in the rings are perpendicular to the ground.




    • diameter: 100mm (3.93")
    • width: 161.8mm (6.37")
    • thickness: 1.6mm (0.063")
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