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Red Jasper is a crystal of Root Chakra and will help you with stability, security, and grounding. It provides a strong connection to the Earth enabling you to move forward confidently.  Carnelian is stimulating, fueling vitality, strength, and a rising sense of empowerment.

Lumia Energy Art: Root Chakra; Red Jasper crystals

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  • Recognized characteristics:

    • Strengthens your connection to Earth
    • Enhances grounding and stability
    • Boosts confidence and self-expression
    • Ignites passion
    • Energizes you with vitality 
    • Stimulates action and motivation


    ❣️Important: All crystals used for the art are cleansed in the sacred smoke of sage and charred in Palo Santo smoke. All art is made after deep meditation and self-Reiki sessions. Each piece of art is made with unconditional love and to benefit its future owner in the best possible way.



    • 200x200 mm (7.87x7.87")
  • We gladly accept returns. If you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us withing 7 days of delivery and we will do everything to resolve any issues.

    All items returned should be in the same condition as they were delivered. All parcels are properly packed but in the most unlikely case there was damage during transport please contact us immediately.


    Returned items will be refunded in full.

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